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The home of Faeries and Elves

'Do You Bee-lieve?' is the follow-on Magical Christmas Wonderland Exhibition from the much-loved Lollipop Land Christmas Story, which was first created in 2011 by Visual Display Artist Jule Barten and Original Doll Artist Chris Boston.

Lollipop Land, a magical suburb of the North Pole, is where the Faeries and the Elves make all of the sweet things for the whole wide world!

In the 2016 Exhibition, our resident Chocolate Dragon Mr Trufflewafflepuff, met visiting Fashionista Extraordinaire, Ms Lulu Lovebug and the pair fell instantly in love! They then left Lollipop Land for a journey to ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’.

And dragons

In 2017, the dragon couple’s romance blossomed and T.W. proposed! Of course Ms Lulu said ‘yes’ and so, the love-struck couple tied the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony that was held in an Enchanted Forest. The happy couple then travelled the world on their honeymoon and in the 2018 Exhibition, they were extremely excited to share the 'Night Before Christmas' with everyone, when they welcomed their new baby dragons into the Puff Family Home!

In 2019, the Puff Family travelled to Lollipop Land with their children, to visit the birthplace of Mr Trufflewafflepuff. This magical land is always filled with all sorts of sugary surprises that are guaranteed to give you sweet dreams!

Sadly, there hasn't been a Magical Christmas Wonderland Exhibition since 2019, due to the constraints of the Covid-19 regulations. There is however, a beautiful Christmas Fairy Shop at Mt Mee called 'Whimsical Imaginings' to visit, which is by appointment only. Please contact jule@doyoubee-lieve.com.au to find out more information or, visit www.Facebook.com/WhimsicalJule to learn more.

Visitors to the annual exhibition, are always enchanted by a brand-new display each time, each with amazing details and more than 100 hand-sculpted characters to see.
Some grown-ups are even reduced to tears, as happy childhood memories come flooding back to them and children always love the exhibition, with one little boy asking his child-care teacher one year, “Miss, is this what Heaven looks like?”
Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to interact with their children to help solve the ‘seek and find’ clues and visitors are welcome to take unlimited photos ... provided that they share them with their friends, of course. :-)

Sitting on the Magical Unicorn in the Enchanted Forest is a must but, please remember to smile and make a wish and if you love Instagram, you will absolutely love our exhibition, as we have several fantastic Photo Booths too!

What is A Magical Christmas Wonderland?

A little bit about the artists.... Jule and Chris have been exhibiting together since 2006 and have collaborated on numerous projects for several years prior to that. Chris has now been hand- sculpting her lovable Art-Dolls for some 30 years and has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally, winning numerous awards along the way. She is highly regarded among her peers and many of her much-loved characters have made their way to treasured new homes.

Jule has been a Visual Display Artist and a serious day-dreamer, for a long, long time and loves to create the magical stories for Chris's characters to live in with her specialty being, to create Beautiful Christmas Trees, that are all one-off creations.

Think of the theatre and you'll kind of get the picture ... Chris is responsible for the casting, make-up, fashion and acting whereas Jule, is responsible for the design, the props, set direction, script-writing, etc, etc. Whether it's Do You Bee-lieve? or Lollipop Land or, The Faeries Tea Party, you will discover that it really is a joint effort to bring the magic alive!

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Visit our Magical Christmas Wonderland

‘Do You Bee-lieve?’ is always an undercover air-conditioned event, with cafes located nearby, disabled access; Eftpos facilities and an on-site gift shop.

Sadly there are no firm plans to host another Exhibition until such time that, the Covid situation is under-control effectively.
We Still Bee-lieve!

Non-believers pay double!

We are currently considering our options for hosting a new Magical Christmas Wonderland Exhibition.
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Char Kirkpatrick

Ellie and Audrey were so mesmerised, everywhere they looked there was more magic and more wonder. They are true believers 💜
Than ...

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Pauline McLaren

A wonderful , mystical , magical , amazing fairy tales for the young , and old . Do You Bee-lieve . I do

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Kristi Keegan

A magical wonderland filled with the most incredible make believe I've ever seen in my life. This is a must see!!!!

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Anne Vickery

My husband and I went yesterday, what an amazing place,
we were in awe at the amount of time and detail that has gone into creating ...

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The Faeries Tea Party

The Faeries Tea Party is an annual adults-only event that is held each year in our Magical Christmas Wonderland before, it opens to the public.

Please email jule@doyoubee-lieve.com.au to find out more information!

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